Friday, December 20, 2013


You may have already seen pictures of my dear friend & extremely vivacious JESS CARLYN… also known as Boom... It all started when she use to call me womanie boomanie & said with a cheer in your voice or sung...& just as Aussie as we are (because all Australians shorten names) we just made it Boom...

She is one of the funniest | fun | hilarious | beautiful | tall | talented | inspiring | engaging | vivacious | passinate humans on the planet... I'm a huge fan....She is a passionate animal lover & will stand for justice no matter what it takes... She is altogether LOVELY in all areas of life.. She is model material & her legs go for days...I love her for it... When we jog or a brisk power walk, one of her strides is equivalent to two of mine....

 But seriously She is so down to earth, a genuine country girl & a lover of the land.. She is someone that gets overly excited about moss | plants | puppies | her niece & nephew |  our baby girls or any creator that is on "planet earth".... Combined with these genuine attributes her BEAUTY shines forth... Everyone loves her & people try to be like her because she really is ONE OF A KIND….

She is a woman worth celebrating day in & day out……

With love EH xo

Sunday, December 15, 2013


She is BEAUTIFUL, but not like those girls in the magazines. She is Beautiful, for the way she thinks. She is beautiful, for the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about the things she loves. She is beautiful , for her ability to make other people smile even when she is sad. No, she's not beautiful for something as temporary as her looks. She is beautiful, deep down in her soul…..
with Love EH xx

Sunday, December 8, 2013


BELOVED wife, mother, daughter & friend - She Is Emma May Reedy...! A very special girl that has an inner beauty that radiates from the inside to the out... She is altogether Lovely, a passionate lover of all things great & small.. I have known Emma for the last 2.5 years & it feels like 25 years.. We have formed a very special friendship & I love everything about her.. Her husband Wade & Em have a stunning | beautiful & very gentle spirited daughter Eleanore Grace Reedy whom celebrates her first birthday at the end of this month...she is a very special little girl who brings so much joy to everyone's lives...
Em & I had a lunch catch up & play date & while our beautiful babies were snoozing we decided to get the  make up out & do a quick shoot in the back yard because I wanted to capture the beauty that is Emma Reedy... . I'm so proud & blessed to call her one of my closest girlfriends as she has a beauty that dwells deep inside mixed with a gentle & gracious & compassionate spirit...She is a faithful & loving wife | a devoted mother & a lover of life... I love that our girls will be best friends growing up & I'm so blessed that my girls have you as a woman of influence as they grow into who they are called to be...
I want to honour this woman right now & hope you enjoy the photographs of a one of a kind beauty…

Her daughter Eleanor & hubby Wade clearly knows her Mumma is their  everything...Peach adores her & Luxe stares into her kind big eyes and knows she is loved.....

With love EH xx

Sunday, June 23, 2013


This sri Lanken beauty is 1 of the most radiant brides... Katie has a unique beauty that only people who are surrounded by her witness on a daily basis... She has a beautiful smile & her eyes are amazing ( the shape of her eyes are stunning & a make up artist dream)... It was an honour to be asked to do the hair & make up for the beautiful  bride & bridesmaids... My gorgeous dear friend Paige Jordan Kirke & I had the privilege of being her bridesmaids....She really spoiled us with her kindness & we were so honoured to stand with Katie on such a joyful & amazing day....

Katie was so relaxed on the day of the wedding we had a very laid back  morning & started getting ready around lunchtime & it was so lovely drinking orange juice & mineral water in our wine glasses...I did Paige & I first & did a charcoal glamour eye & a top bun to compliment the stunning bride & for Katie we chose to go a gold/ copper/ brown smoky eye all enhanced with Lash's.... we chose cherry red lipstick & I made her the head piece to match her glamorous theme & it just all  worked & Katie was wearing a Samantha Wills cuff & rings which complimented the overall look...

The theme of the wedding was a contemporary / vintage feel.. Katie's inspiration was Tiffany & Co mixed with the glamorous...We searched for the exact details of everything down to the earrings...Katie knew exactly what she wanted & didn't want....The wedding was a relaxed family affair maybe 50 wedding guests ...It was a very intimate & personal ceremony & a very fun & relaxed reception we danced till late & laughed so much.....

Below are only some of the images from this truly beautiful day by none other than the amazing photographers around Tim Ashbrooke of Ashbrooke Media...Everyone knows how much Im a fan of his work & how much we adore their family... Check out the official FB page to see the entire wedding album...

You might notice our beloved little Peach was a flower girl & walked down with isle with Paige & you may see I was sporting my baby bump of our # was such an honour & a privilege to be a big part of your special day because we Love, adore & cherish you & Deon....!
With Love EH x

Monday, June 10, 2013


Many of us think of the ponytail as an after-the-gym style, meant only for those days where you either didn’t wash your hair, or don’t have time to fight the frizzy mess that is on the top of your head. But lately the ponytail has made a huge comeback–celebrities are even rocking them on the red carpet. It's so easy to do & to get the desired texture in the hair is easy as anything... 

How to get the look; 

Step 1:
Spray hair with any hair spray to add texture and control. 

Step 2:
Work the product through the hair until it is saturated. 

Step 3:
Blow dry hair, smoothing straight back with a round brush.

Step 4:
Spray with hairspray to give the  hair more hold

Step 5: 
Gather hair where you would like to place it  leaving some volume at the crown or comb back super sleek & secure with a hair tie.

Step 6: 
Take a small section of hair & wrap around to cover the hair tie & secure with a hair pin. 

Enjoy & have fun 
With Love EH xo