Sunday, June 23, 2013


This sri Lanken beauty is 1 of the most radiant brides... Katie has a unique beauty that only people who are surrounded by her witness on a daily basis... She has a beautiful smile & her eyes are amazing ( the shape of her eyes are stunning & a make up artist dream)... It was an honour to be asked to do the hair & make up for the beautiful  bride & bridesmaids... My gorgeous dear friend Paige Jordan Kirke & I had the privilege of being her bridesmaids....She really spoiled us with her kindness & we were so honoured to stand with Katie on such a joyful & amazing day....

Katie was so relaxed on the day of the wedding we had a very laid back  morning & started getting ready around lunchtime & it was so lovely drinking orange juice & mineral water in our wine glasses...I did Paige & I first & did a charcoal glamour eye & a top bun to compliment the stunning bride & for Katie we chose to go a gold/ copper/ brown smoky eye all enhanced with Lash's.... we chose cherry red lipstick & I made her the head piece to match her glamorous theme & it just all  worked & Katie was wearing a Samantha Wills cuff & rings which complimented the overall look...

The theme of the wedding was a contemporary / vintage feel.. Katie's inspiration was Tiffany & Co mixed with the glamorous...We searched for the exact details of everything down to the earrings...Katie knew exactly what she wanted & didn't want....The wedding was a relaxed family affair maybe 50 wedding guests ...It was a very intimate & personal ceremony & a very fun & relaxed reception we danced till late & laughed so much.....

Below are only some of the images from this truly beautiful day by none other than the amazing photographers around Tim Ashbrooke of Ashbrooke Media...Everyone knows how much Im a fan of his work & how much we adore their family... Check out the official FB page to see the entire wedding album...

You might notice our beloved little Peach was a flower girl & walked down with isle with Paige & you may see I was sporting my baby bump of our # was such an honour & a privilege to be a big part of your special day because we Love, adore & cherish you & Deon....!
With Love EH x

Monday, June 10, 2013


Many of us think of the ponytail as an after-the-gym style, meant only for those days where you either didn’t wash your hair, or don’t have time to fight the frizzy mess that is on the top of your head. But lately the ponytail has made a huge comeback–celebrities are even rocking them on the red carpet. It's so easy to do & to get the desired texture in the hair is easy as anything... 

How to get the look; 

Step 1:
Spray hair with any hair spray to add texture and control. 

Step 2:
Work the product through the hair until it is saturated. 

Step 3:
Blow dry hair, smoothing straight back with a round brush.

Step 4:
Spray with hairspray to give the  hair more hold

Step 5: 
Gather hair where you would like to place it  leaving some volume at the crown or comb back super sleek & secure with a hair tie.

Step 6: 
Take a small section of hair & wrap around to cover the hair tie & secure with a hair pin. 

Enjoy & have fun 
With Love EH xo

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Lauren Nay......oops I mean Lauren Bowman 

There is something very special about this woman...Those of you that are privileged to know her would know exactly what I'm talking about...There is something very special about this  brown haired, green eyed beauty...It's hard to put into words the beauty she posses & it's a very deep inner beauty that radiates from her... She has a classic beauty that only few people are graced with & the most amazing thing is; Lauren wouldn't even know how much beauty & wonder she posses....HUMBLE, kind & generous are the first of many words that describe her to the core... Her smile lights up the room....Her happiness is infectious...!!

I was honoured to be asked to do her wedding make up including her girls & her Mum. Just to spend some time with her & her family on such a momentous day was a pleasure..I was thrilled to be the one to enhance her already AMAZING & bold features.. Her eyes are a piercing green & as they say "The eyes are the windows to your soul"... When I look into her eyes I see sincerity & a genuine spirit...So for her very special day we couldn't not do a glamour brown copper smoking eye....

I arrived at the family home around 7 & the 2 talented & amazing local hair stylists Demi & Kate were there prepping & may I add the hair was a stand out...From the moment I walked in the door there was a sense of calmness in the air.. Lauren would have to be one of the most relaxed brides I have ever worked with.. So calm, relaxed & genuinely extremely happy.... Even a spot of rain & a cold wind didn't even change the mood... She said to me it's not about that, it means more to us becoming husband & wife, 2 becoming 1 FOREVER ( I know right melted my heart, she is amazing)...

To say the least she was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever worked on...!!! Here are some of  the images from the day... 

The photographer is one of our bestest friends in the world Tim Ashbrooke of Ashbrooke media.....He captures true LOVE in it various forms... Check out his page on the link below & enjoy viewing one of the most radiant brides I've ever laid eyes on & worked on....!

With love EH xoxo

Monday, June 3, 2013


Everybody meet the winner #1 of the EMMAHOLDERSTYLING FB launch competition.... This is RENEE ADAMS & as you can tell her beauty radiates from the inside out...She was a dream to do hair & make up on & to photograph... She was so relaxed & fun loving (we had plenty of laughs )... 

As I was thinking for a theme the previous day I couldn't get Coco Chanel out of my head as Renee has this inner CLASSIC beauty & love of life that shines from her... hence I wanted to use Coco Chanel who is my fashion & life muse of all time...Because style, poise & grace oozes from her just like Renee.. So then we went to Beaches @ Grafton for the use of some of their divine Garments & the WISH Brooklyn Blazer was a winner for the Chanel look mixed with the clarity high neck chiffon blouse finished off with layers of pearls.... We chose another 2 outfits which Renee is purchasing because they looked so good on her.. & the Brookyln Blazer is in my wardrobe as I write this...So a huge THANK YOU to Beaches @ Grafton from myself & Renee.....

 To say the least It was an absolute pleasure to do this styled shoot for the beautiful, wise & gorgeous RENNE ADAMS who I am so privileged to call my friend..... FYI- She told me she hadn't modelled before but let me tell you she was a natural & after the shoot she told me "ahhh Em, just quietly I have done some modelling before but nothing to write home about" Ummmmmmm YES I could tell......!!!! 

She is an absolute treasure & I love her to bits so blessed to be her friend....!The rest of the Images can be seen on the Emmaholderstyling FB page in the next few days.

With Love EH xo