Friday, August 29, 2014


I have a confession to make... Yes, I LOVE kale & yes I make 1 huge salad & have the same salad for lunch for half the week... I mix it with Tuna, chicken coated in sesame seeds or quinoa or when I'm feeling fancy I have prawns... Its my all time FAV & I never get bored of it..Plus peach will pick at it & she always eats the chicken & tuna without a doubt... 
I hope you Enjoy it as much as I do;

Kale  salad 

1 bunch Kale 
1/2 Red cabbage 
1/4 White cabbage 
1 1/2 Red onion 
1 Red capsicum 
1/2 Yellow capsicum 
1 cup of Cous Cous 
3 Tomatoes
Bunch Fresh basil
Bunch Fresh parsley

1 tbs basil pesto
3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
3 tbs balsamic vinegar

Method: cut all ingredients nice & fine.. Place into large salad bowl (glass salad bowl is always fun with the beautiful colors & flavors)... Pre cook the Cous Cous maybe a day before & keep it refrigerated...mix up ingredients for the dressing... Prepare your topping; chicken / tuna / prawns & place in top of salad & drizzle with dressing & prepare to eat....


I've had a lot of enquirers this week "if I'm still doing photography"... Let's get one thing clear I did NOT study photography it was more of a hobby... I wanted to capture my work & I realized I was actually not that bad at it... I really do love taking photos & as a stylist I was always directing & creating where or how the model would pose & the feel of the shoot... It was my concept but collaboration is one of my favorite things in the world...
I still vividly remember my colleague teacher saying to me you want to do EVERYTHING... "Emma your very good at everything but if you focus on one thing you will be extraordinary at that" um YES, I understand but Because I know how I want it & as a creative mind my thought process was so intense that only I could get the concept right... It's So not true, I sound like a control freak but I'm really not I admit there are so many more talented makeup artists, stylists, hair stylists & definitely photographer in the world & I am in awe of their creative minds...

But yes I do enjoy it & have an eye for detail & some people love how I create a concept...

So as of next week I'm working on some packages that I can do EVERYTHING for example say a personal portfolio I would be doing the hair, make up, styling, photographing & the images put on a USB stick with 10-20 images...
You can customize your own package; if you wanted just makeup / styling & photos well it would be customized to your own wants or needs with a base rate..... Let's get another thing strait sometimes you could shoot for an hour & take 1,000 image sometimes you may only get 30 or less images that can be used (eyes closed/ bad angles/bad posture etc) & what we call the "Money Shot"... The money shot is what it's all about.. The ONE shot that takes your breath away sometime it's sequence of "a money shot"....
So I feel so flattered that my inbox was swamped with love & enquirers because my life is the most full it's been in a long time but it feels as though the dreams I put on hold are being re birthed with more drive & enthusiasm than ever biggest dream from when I was studying all those years ago that I would have my very own STYLE BAR & my own fashion label (the 2nd dream will come true I know that )... Weather it's with someone or on my own it will come true...
I truly am blessed with the gifts I've been entrusted with & they are not for me personally... Years ago I would always get overwhelmed on how or what can I do.. & I'm always reminded on "what's in your hand, what's in your hand, what can you do with what's in your hand"... I've been gifted with this & I want yo capture | create & inspire...