Saturday, November 27, 2010

Summer Loving

Summer Loving !!
This was a shoot that I created and composed around 2 years ago for a jewelery label on the Gold Coast and it is still one of my fav shoots I have done as it captures the essence of summer and friendships between friend during the months between Nov & Jan .
Models: Brooke Vardi & Aleesha Lally
Creative Director & Photographer: Emma Holder.
Louise is my mddle name.

Cedric Riverain

Artist illustrator, and designer Cedric Rivrain. He has the most sparkly turquoise eyes ( his self Portrait is the last image) and I have heard a rare gift for mischievous conversation. He is a force of creativity, illustrating for magazines, exhibiting his artwork, and designing for an amazing array of houses that has included Martine Sitbon, John Galliano for Dior, Nina Ricci, Sonia Rykiel, and ChloƩ. He recently drew a much-loved lookbook for Chanel milliner Maison Michel. I have always had a soft spot for fashion Illustration as I loved drawing and creating and he always goes that one step higher than Any other illustrator out there He is what you would call a High end Couturier illustrator.
EH xx

Red Hot

Excuse my ridiculous facial expressions and Chanel all your attention to my very talented and amazing friend Nadia Coe sitting to left of me in these images. This night we had just finished a VIP event at Designer Forum and hence the post heading "RED HOT" look how stylish and spot on Nadia's look is. Red lip rouge, red nails and a super sleek black dress with chunky rings teamed with flawless skin. Nadia has just finished studying interior design and has now started her own business "home of horror interiors".
EH xx

Bold & The Beautiful

The lovely CAMILLE MICELLI is now the artistic director of costume jewelry for DIOR. This fashion publicist turned Designer is responsible for so much of MARC JACOB'S GLORY as well as LOUIS VUITTON where she was the former accessories designer. I am very excited to see what she will do for the house of Dior and it's luxury items. I am never a big fan of DIOR RTW. much prefer the couture so I'm very excited & to see where the gorgeous Camille takes us. Camille Mecelli has always had a passion and love of anything fashion at the age of only 15, Miceli became an intern at Chanel and Azzedine Alaia. She was a publicist for Chanel for seven years before she moved to Louis Vuitton to design jewelry. Her work has great buzz and an air of beauty I'm interested & excited to say the least to see what she comes up with.

EH xx

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A star is Reborn

This fashion editorial is one I will never Forget !!
This was Jennifer Aniston's first shoot she did after the public split between her and husband Brad Pitt. The editorial is called " A star is reborn " And what an amazing and strong star this naturally beautiful woman is. All woman every where in the world who have felt the pain of the end of a relationship or a marriage break up can only imagine how Jennifer must have felt to go through that in the public eye.
I had a new found respect for this taleneted actress and honour her and Laura Bowman who was the creative director who styled the shoot.
All woman everywhere can relate to her.
A good fashion editorial is one that you don't need to read the story but to See the story and feel the emotion through what she is wearing, her hair, make up, body language and the setting the style of the story. And this one is in my top 5 without a doubt as it ticks all the box's !
EH xx

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - Piano Cello - ...

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore
The editorial in the December issue of Harper's BAZAAR I absolutly love the styling and fashion. Labels including Dior & Chanel haute cotoure. responsible for the dreamy labels that made this shoot effortlessly lux. The hair and make up were flawless. I love the hair color she has this may be the best I have ever seen Drew Barrymore. I have never notice her much before but this shoot made me stop and drew my attention with her beauty and power. This editorial is now in my top 10.
EH x

Polished do

The latest trend is sleek straight healthy glossy hair with a middle or side part. This is poilshed sophistication and the easiest hair styles to do ! It is on trend and hot as ever. After straightning all hair complete this look with smooth shine serum and be confident and stand tall.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patricia Field

Sex & the City 2,

Not a fan at all of the story line but the fashion oh is so pretty. The Over the top story line is but a blur as I was focused on the amazing designer pieces draped on all four characters. Responsible for the over the top fashion is the creative red Head Stylist Patricia Fields. I know the sequel has been out for a few months now but the first time I sat down and watched it was last week.

Patricia met Sarah Jessica Parker back in 1995 on the set of a movie, Patricia was in charge of wardrobe and costume design. The actress became so enchanted with Patricia's collections that they became friends and started working with her on the series Sex and the City. Before beginning the first season of the Sex and the City television series , Sarah asked to have Field design some of the clothes that her character, Carrie Bradshaw, would wear. During Field's tenure as costume designer on Sex and the City, the show became famous for the fashions showcased. For her work on Sex and the City, Field was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards, with one win, and nominated for 6 Costume Designers Guild Awards, with 4 wins. She is one out of six Honorees of the 2008 Reel Time Film Festival. Patricia has been in the fashion world for the last 20 years and has established her own successful boutiques in New York and including her own shoe line and accessories.


Contemporary & minimalism

I have been cheating on Fashion with interior !!! My apologies !! My husband and I have been decorating and purchasing new and beautiful things for our apartment !! The theme we chose was a mix of contemporary & very minimalist. Our color scheme is Black, white & red as the kitchen splash back is red ! we had to go a dark leather couch but I would have loved white however the feature rug I want is Cow hide or fux fur but with textures of white & black through it. I'm trying to talk him into how amazing this would look !!!

When our apartment is complete I'll post it through & I am back devoted & committed to fashion.

EH xx