Saturday, November 20, 2010

Contemporary & minimalism

I have been cheating on Fashion with interior !!! My apologies !! My husband and I have been decorating and purchasing new and beautiful things for our apartment !! The theme we chose was a mix of contemporary & very minimalist. Our color scheme is Black, white & red as the kitchen splash back is red ! we had to go a dark leather couch but I would have loved white however the feature rug I want is Cow hide or fux fur but with textures of white & black through it. I'm trying to talk him into how amazing this would look !!!

When our apartment is complete I'll post it through & I am back devoted & committed to fashion.

EH xx


Anonymous said...

LOve this & can not wait to see the unit. Cow hide is hot but fake is best :-) I'm glad you are back i have been waiting for your blogs. Tina xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hot !!! I love it all xxx

Anonymous said...

Both would be look great. so stylish, so you, so the hot Holder couple ! be sure to post on your apartment I bet its full of your art work including photographs.. Kel xoxoxoxoxo