Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red Hot

Excuse my ridiculous facial expressions and Chanel all your attention to my very talented and amazing friend Nadia Coe sitting to left of me in these images. This night we had just finished a VIP event at Designer Forum and hence the post heading "RED HOT" look how stylish and spot on Nadia's look is. Red lip rouge, red nails and a super sleek black dress with chunky rings teamed with flawless skin. Nadia has just finished studying interior design and has now started her own business "home of horror interiors".
EH xx


Anonymous said...

Hot so so hot !! :-0 cass xo

Anonymous said...

Yes her look is spot on but your look is hot as ever !!! Why do you have to live in Australia. I will email you some info that may come in to use ! Trixi x