Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raw Talent

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different !!"

These photographs are from Our wedding day and when I saw these pictures for the first time I cried!! Our photographer was Tim Ashbrooke! Along with his beautiful wife Julie & kids Bell & Ethan they are very special to Benny & I. They Blessed us by Capturing our day and just being a big part of our lives!
It was Tim's first wedding and It definitely won't be his last. You would never have guessed hey. He is such a talented photographer and he has a wicked sense of humour to match. I put Coco Chanel's quote up on the start of this post because that's just what He did. We wanted our wedding to be different and to reflect our personality. When Benny & I asked Tim to capture our day he said "are you sure" and we knew we wanted him. I have seen his previous work and he has a distinct style throughout every collection. When I look at his work I feel as though I'm there or i feel the emotion in the face of the image. Its undescribable until you stop and look at his photography, its an art form.
Our Family played a big part in our wedding all our sisters and brothers & Mother's & Grandparents stood next to us and and my amazing father in law married us. I just love my family and friends.
He really captured the raw emotion of our special day. Be sure to check out his website and see just how creative and talented this man is & enjoy being moved by his work.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chasing the sun

This was my first ever Shoot fresh from colleague back in 2009. I styled the shoot and captured this collection for the designer. Brooke Vardi the model is amazing, she is a little bit famous now you will see her gracing the editorial spreads for Vogue, Cleo, Frankie and much more. You may have seen her as the face of mink pinks last collection. Brooke has her own unique style and she reminds me of Kate Moss mixing op shop pieces with amazing designer Jackets that were worth more than my first car ! I know, She is something special isn't she. Also in my photo's my middle name is Louise so that is the text you can see. They are the proof copies xx
EH x

Samantha Wills

How awesome is Samantha Wills ?? one word obsessed..

Samantha Wills has been described as Australia's biggest export since Vegemite! That was written by famous fashion writer Inez Mendoza. She is so beautiful,creative, tall, gorgeous and talented. If you are not familiar about Samantha Wills, you should be!!

Samantha wills established her self titled accessories label and gave up her modelling career to pursue her dreams and lucky she did celeb's like pink & Eva mendes, Rhianna are among her devotees. She has had her latest collection featured in Sex & the City sequel.

I have been lucky enough to have a wine and spend some time with the beautiful Ms Wills and she is amazingly humble and always bought back her success and inspiration to us, the consumer.

I felt like she was my long lost friend I even invited her to my wedding ;-)

She designed a ring two seasons ago called the "Emma" ring and I totally told her i inspired that!!

All jokes aside her pieces are amazing these pic's of SW & I were taken at a launch at the glorious designer forum on the Gold Coast and the white dress I'm wearing was a Camilla gown I wore to the reception at my wedding so its very special one.

But get onto her website and check out her range its divine all pieces her range are on my wish list !

The Face To Watch

How amazingly beautiful is this girl ! Watch this face very closely My very genetically blessed friend will be the next Miranda Kerr if she had a passion for modeling that is! but Natasha Aylward is more than happy to be at Uni studying. She is so very modest and down to earth. I'm going to send her portfolio away. It will be another Miranda Kerr story ! Not only is Tash smart & genetically blessed but she has impeccable style. Natasha was the model for Paradise Island The Madeline French Label . She walked through the door wearing short ripped denim short a white billowy T tucked in to her shorts and the cutest ankle boots you have ever seen, I made her wear those boots for the entire shoot! And to top it off an over sized black studded bag hanging from her arm..She looked HOT !!! And Again Watch this space !!!

Words of the wise

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live.

Coco Chanel

Young Talent

Joyah Takfela is her name & You will find this beauty gliding through the head office of Dissh & Bamboo Blonde in Brisbane as she is the assistant buyer and designer for the brand. With her warm smile and her kind eyes she is as cute as they come.Her style is effortless she has the most amazing skin so the colours she can & does wear are mesmerising. You will often see Joyah in a multi coloured Camilla or a chic tailered blazer teamed with haram pants or a goddess like Maxi but always finished off with a statement SW jewel, either way she always has her look spot on and her unique flavour stands out in a crowd.I was Blessed enough to capture her & her also adorable little sister in their element on the beach in Camilla Kaftans & SW pieces gliding along the sand smiling and laughing on a warm summers morning. Im telling you watch this space !! Joyah is an up & coming fashionista on the gold coast secure in a fashion forward company she contributes her talent style & time. She will take the fashion world by storm in no time.

Forever Fashion

As well as free lancing I work full time in a fashion forward company Forever New. I have worked with many of the Australian labels but by far Forever New has stood out from the crowd. It is my Fashion first destination & should be yours too!
The company have many talented and amazing designers. The planning team have their finger on the pulse as they are always a step ahead in the Australian Fashion Industry as they travel the globe and stay eagerly tuned into the forever changing global fashion whelm.
I'm not only a fan, Nicole Richie has recently visited Australia and described Forever New as “Fabulous” & one of her favourite fashion brands in Oz.
Nicole Richie was featured in Grazier magazine this week wearing our Frankie bilker jeans. From statement pieces to everyday wear “Forever New” has gorgeous garments to suit everybody of every age! From complete outfits to wardrobe overhauls. The price point is breath taking, I think I may have squealed today when my blonde double breasted cape Jacket arrived in store and the price tag was amazing. Also with the quality of the highest standard I have seen yet.
I had the pleasure of styling Ex Bardot singer Tiffany Wood for a complete outfit for race day on the Gold Coast. We chose the long sleeve cream lace dress with structured shoulders (the same style I used for SK shoot but black).I teamed the outfit up with our Georgia beige ankle boots (a must have this winter I already have a pair in my wardrobe as we speak)Also a beige clutch which was not photographed. To top of the outfit we didn't have the exact headpiece in store. I wanted leopard and black to really Complete and incorporate something a little different.She is stunning!
Last but definitely not least Delta Goodrem ! She will be launching the new collection La Vie en Rose next month in Melbourne performing and wearing head to toe Forever New. I know right I’m a little bit too excited I will capture every minute of it for you & me!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Samantha Keating

Smart, funny, humble, beautiful, talented, stylish, polished are only just a few words that come to mind when I think of Samantha Keating.
I’m blessed enough to know Samy k, she was one of my bridesmaids & may I add that she designed and handcrafted 8 pairs of fresh water pear drop earrings for the bridal party & They were magic.
Samantha Keating lives on the sunny Gold Coast. She juggles her time between study & creating some of the most amazing individual pieces from intricate lace and fresh water pearls to vintage cross’s and trinkets that impress the likes of me. She also designs a mens range which my hubby and friends never leave the house without.
Samantha has her own unique style and has plenty of fans women of all ages and walks of life. I was lucky enough to style and capture her last collection. We chose to make the shoot a little edgier. We wanted the contrast between the black lace and the black balloons to showcase to her collection. To finish off with bright red lipstick and a killer smile to match.

And yes you guessed it? It is her modelling her own range I know smart move, she is easy on the eye and with her personality to match she is honestly one of the most gorgeous woman on the Gold Coast. Check out her collection on her website and pre order asap as she is in high demand. Watch this space for this up and coming young designer.

Fashion Styling

During my first year of Study at the Australian Institute of Creative design we received this text on a description of which we perused a career in. I have held on to it ever since have it typed up next to our bedroom mirror. I have read this every day for two year!
A personal stylist is having a deep understanding on how to best dress all body Shapes, how to appropriately create a style to match personality and age, an understanding of colour and how it interacts with a person’s complexion and knowing what’s hot, what’s what and most importantly what’s right for you. The knowledge and encouragement to build self confidence through what you wear.

This Is what I do and this is what I love to do !!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gemma Ward

Before Miranda Kerr and Jen Hawkins there was a petite blonde making a name for herself. Gemma Ward was one of the first international Aussie super models. I don't like reading the negative press on her weight gain and rubbish like that. All I can say is that she is Amazing and my all time fav Vogue Covers was her. The buildings and the simple make up and that white dress with the plunging neckline. Pure Elegance !!


I am a visual person I love photo's magazines & books !! However I can't keep them closed in the book shelf or photo's in an album. I have them out throughout the house, covering my diary consuming my IPhone! They keep me inspired and I can look at one Image daily and take out so many different elements for a shoot or for a different way to wear a garment or a different way to style a client. Inspiration is all around us !

My Inspiration Board Includes:
• Twiggy- world’s first supermodel and all time fashion Icon.
• Marilyn Monroe - Hollywood glamour with an energy that captured the world.
• My Husband & I on our wedding day Pure Bliss he keeps me inspired and makes me smile all day everyday. He is my life!!
• Samantha Wills – A genuine, talented Beauty.
• Rachel Zoe - 21st century styling genius.
• Naomi Watts – Another Australian beauty one word effortless.
• Gwyneth Paltrow - Mother, Actress & another beauty = Triple threat.
• The Olsen Sisters – Their book Influence is my daily inspiration.
• Diane Kruger – She always looks effortlessly stylish.

Genius Galliano

Genius Galliano x

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Madelene French

There is just something so engaging when somebody walks down the street oozing style and creativity. Madelene French is her name and her motto “Dare to be you!” Let me tell you that's just what she does. This interior designer has stepped outside the square and has designed an amazing line of neck pieces. Bright bold colours, feathers, head turning jewels and beads as big as a 50 cent piece. Her collection took my breath away and I'm sure will do the same for you. I had the pleasure of creating and shooting her first campaign I wanted it to reflect her personality so I wanted minimal make up and natural hair because the feature was dominant. My inspiration was truly her pieces I could stare at them and be taken to a different place dreaming. I have to say I Haven’t seen anything this individual & unique since Samantha Wills & Camilla Franks, whom I adore.