Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Young Talent

Joyah Takfela is her name & You will find this beauty gliding through the head office of Dissh & Bamboo Blonde in Brisbane as she is the assistant buyer and designer for the brand. With her warm smile and her kind eyes she is as cute as they come.Her style is effortless she has the most amazing skin so the colours she can & does wear are mesmerising. You will often see Joyah in a multi coloured Camilla or a chic tailered blazer teamed with haram pants or a goddess like Maxi but always finished off with a statement SW jewel, either way she always has her look spot on and her unique flavour stands out in a crowd.I was Blessed enough to capture her & her also adorable little sister in their element on the beach in Camilla Kaftans & SW pieces gliding along the sand smiling and laughing on a warm summers morning. Im telling you watch this space !! Joyah is an up & coming fashionista on the gold coast secure in a fashion forward company she contributes her talent style & time. She will take the fashion world by storm in no time.

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