Saturday, June 26, 2010

Madelene French

There is just something so engaging when somebody walks down the street oozing style and creativity. Madelene French is her name and her motto “Dare to be you!” Let me tell you that's just what she does. This interior designer has stepped outside the square and has designed an amazing line of neck pieces. Bright bold colours, feathers, head turning jewels and beads as big as a 50 cent piece. Her collection took my breath away and I'm sure will do the same for you. I had the pleasure of creating and shooting her first campaign I wanted it to reflect her personality so I wanted minimal make up and natural hair because the feature was dominant. My inspiration was truly her pieces I could stare at them and be taken to a different place dreaming. I have to say I Haven’t seen anything this individual & unique since Samantha Wills & Camilla Franks, whom I adore.

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