Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emma Holder Self Reflection

When asked these questions a few weeks ago by Rebecca Dickson whom is studying fashion Design made me think and reflect on my journey since colleague. Beck has her self titled label in production for next year and will be magic might I add. I answered these questions for a presentation for her. Two weeks ago sitting on my coach next to my beautiful hubby it was a time of self reflection and took me a good hour to answer them. Now three weeks on I am in Melbourne and styling with and for amazing girls.

I sit here with excitement on knowing my husband and I will establish our life down here in saying this I Miss our Family and friends so dearly!!! Thank god for Skype!! I love what I do and do not take a day for granted.


Forever New

Head Stylist/style bar manager


Emma Holder designs

Creative Director/stylist for up & coming labels/designs photo shoots which consists of hair /Make up and the aesthetic of a brand/shoot.

Personal shopping

Image consulting

Personal Portfolio’s


Emma Holder blog.spot

What qualifications did you need?

Firstly a Passion for all things nice, a natural ability and a love of fashion. I studied at the Australian Institute of creative Design.

What do you think got you to the position?

I have always had a passion for art and anything creative. Plenty of hard work and determination to get where I am today . When I was young I would be fascinated by glossy magazines while my sisters would be content with books. I would consume myself and be continuously inspired by people in the fashion Industry.

What did you choose to show in your portfolio?

My Portfolio would showcase a mixture of images and styles that I have created and captured from various labels or portfolios. Consisting of different genres’ of Fashion & Art.

What are some advantages/disadvantages of this position/job?

There are so many positives, from meeting some inspiring and amazing people. Celebrities, Designers, beautiful models and Creative talented people. I would never want to be doing anything I did not love. There are so many talented people in this industry that have shaped and moulded me as a stylist.

Do you think there is longevity in this chosen career path given the current marketplace?

Yes I do think there is. I am married to an amazing man and when we choose to start having children I can still work from home and will always be able to come back to work. That will not be happening for a good 2 years and until then I will be styling, blogging, freelancing, coaching, training, photographing, creating capturing and being the best wife, daughter,Sister, friend and manager I can be.

Clothing the body is the fourth bodily function we have to do! We sleep, we have to eat and go to the toilet and then we have to clothe our selves. We can’t walk around naked. So we may as well do it with Style and dress to express our mood, personality and create and oose confidence through what we wear.

Where are you located? Does this help with success?

I have worked for three of the most fashion forward companies on the Gold Coast Dissh (manager) Designer Forum(Stylist/ press & media) & now Forever New for the last 3 months and now My Husband & I are relocating to Melbourne as I will be the head stylist of Forever New, I will be based in Bourke St. Melbourne is the Fashion Capital & you are inspired by the people, the buildings the atmosphere, the culture.

Do you still believe there is potential growth for your own success in this role/industry?

What do you see as future career opportunities?

I will stay with Forever New Forever!!. The national manager & all involved in the company are amazing. I have worked with many of the Australian labels but by far Forever New has stood out from the crowd. It is my Fashion first destination & should be yours too!
 The company have many talented and amazing designers. The planning team have their finger on the pulse as they are always a step ahead in the Australian Fashion Industry as they travel the globe and stay eagerly tuned into the forever changing fashion whelm. There is always potential growth in Forever New and my future career opportunities would maybe one day if I had the urge to design my own label or marketing within the Forever New brand.

Always remember as Coco Chanel said Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

My talented friend who you all know I adore took these shots the one and only Samantha Keating !!! The dress I am wearing were my beautiful bridesmaid dress's. The shots were taken for a friend at the time competition for sportsgirl..xx

EH x


Anonymous said...

Emma Holder..your blog is my absolute favourite by far!! You are so gifted at what you do. You emulate the meaning of style..you are AMAZING...Sal x

Heids said...

WOW!! What can i say...your photos are stunning..which is merely a reflection of your unbelievable inner beauty...
your questions were answered with honesty and project the awesome talent that you possess..
i have always believed in you miss emma and always will..DONT forget me when you are famous..
i agree with sal..you emulate the meaning of 'style'..Heids xxx

Anonymous said...

Emma holder u r a kind beautiful person and a true inspiration! U posess so many talents. Girls everywhere should look up to u.
Much love xx

Anonymous said...

speachles !!! True inspiration. I don't think you are aware of the beauty & style you posses. This is true you emulate the meaning of style. xx

Anonymous said...

I read every post that you put up. I watch your blog very close and was wondering if you could give me a personal consultation ? I will send through details. kate xx