Sunday, August 29, 2010

Young Talent

Jessica Marie Holder
I know I talk about celebrities, designers, fashion, styling and what I do. but there are some young talented people creating and capturing works of Art at such a young age. They are our next generation of creators.
Her name is Jessica Marie Holder.
Jess is my sister in law and she is the cutest ever! She is such a talented and gifted 16 year old. Below are the images that she captured for our slide show and canvas's to be showcased on our wedding day. She captured most of the Images and a special mention to my beautiful Mother in law she helped too. She is a creator and has an eye for fashion and everything and anything beautiful. She studies Art & textiles at high school and has a camera that she just cant take out of her hands. Also I remember a maxi dress she designed and made. She wore it and I immediately asked what label is it ??? She replied I made it in textiles..I was blown away it was amazing. She has just recently taken on the roll as stage decorator/stylist at our parents church, Riverside Church in Grafton. The top images are of the stunning Jessie Babe when we had a family holiday on the Gold Coast back a few years ago. She is a natural beauty, Tall, Blonde, tanned, cute, the longest legs you would ever see and the most precious and stunning inner beauty. People often ask is she a model? Modest as Jess is she smiles and says No ! But she is my model so easy to photograph a natural behind and in front of the camera She moves effortless and captures some real, natural, raw talent.

These were some images of part of the series that Jess Photographed of Benny & I. They were taken on Sawtell beach when we had our family holiday last June. Such a special place for us all. Oh how I wish we could go back there some time to holiday.
EH x

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