Sunday, November 21, 2010

A star is Reborn

This fashion editorial is one I will never Forget !!
This was Jennifer Aniston's first shoot she did after the public split between her and husband Brad Pitt. The editorial is called " A star is reborn " And what an amazing and strong star this naturally beautiful woman is. All woman every where in the world who have felt the pain of the end of a relationship or a marriage break up can only imagine how Jennifer must have felt to go through that in the public eye.
I had a new found respect for this taleneted actress and honour her and Laura Bowman who was the creative director who styled the shoot.
All woman everywhere can relate to her.
A good fashion editorial is one that you don't need to read the story but to See the story and feel the emotion through what she is wearing, her hair, make up, body language and the setting the style of the story. And this one is in my top 5 without a doubt as it ticks all the box's !
EH xx


Anonymous said...

I love this post I know exactly how she feels with the end of a season and the start of a new one. To be reborn with a new energy, a new look at life. Thank you for posting this its the first time i have seen it and it makes me want to do what she is doing - running free being a woman. Tasha xox

Anonymous said...

Mrs H this post really meant something to me. She is exquisite and they are the most sensational pictures i have seen in such a long time. Your timing could not be more perfect, she gives us all hope!
You are amazing and thank you for your blog, is continues to be my number one source of inspiration.
Sending love, Samy K xoxoxo