Monday, June 10, 2013


Many of us think of the ponytail as an after-the-gym style, meant only for those days where you either didn’t wash your hair, or don’t have time to fight the frizzy mess that is on the top of your head. But lately the ponytail has made a huge comeback–celebrities are even rocking them on the red carpet. It's so easy to do & to get the desired texture in the hair is easy as anything... 

How to get the look; 

Step 1:
Spray hair with any hair spray to add texture and control. 

Step 2:
Work the product through the hair until it is saturated. 

Step 3:
Blow dry hair, smoothing straight back with a round brush.

Step 4:
Spray with hairspray to give the  hair more hold

Step 5: 
Gather hair where you would like to place it  leaving some volume at the crown or comb back super sleek & secure with a hair tie.

Step 6: 
Take a small section of hair & wrap around to cover the hair tie & secure with a hair pin. 

Enjoy & have fun 
With Love EH xo

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