Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bohemian - Boho Chic

Also known as boho-chic, the bohemian style has been cropping up throughout this entire decade it seems to cycle in and out of fashion pretty regularly. It was made very stylish back in 2004 and 2005 when actress Sienna Miller was seen touting the style. Since that it’s popped up in various fashion collections. . However, the women's boho style of today is a bit different than it was just a few short years ago. It puts a more modern and chic spin on the bohemian style of yesteryear. Sure, there are hints of that hippie style that makes boho what it is but its done up in a much more glamorous style so that the modern woman can feel fashionable instead of frumpy when she’s putting together a boho look of her own. I remember it being a key look to have when I was in college, with broomstick skirts and peasant blouses. Then caftans and fringe were the thing a few seasons ago. That’s not to mention the 60’s and 70’s when this look was super popular. Except then, the look was referred to as ‘hippie style’. So, why do we call the style ‘bohemian’? Bohemianism first emerged in the early 19Th century when artists began to move into gypsy neighborhoods in Europe. "Bohemian" is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives The term ‘bohemian’ refers to nontraditional, antiestablishment lifestyles. For clothing, dressing bohemian means expressing your creativity and individuality. The look can be quite messy with its many layers and accessories. Some fashionistas have claimed that to pull off this look, you have to perfect that messiness by maintaining an overall balance. In other words, don’t overdo it.Nicole Richie's fashion label winter Kate is heavily inspired by bohemianism and the gypsy style as she features paisley prints Maxi's and various peasant dress's. Misha Barton, Mary Kate, Kate Moss, Kimberley Stewart are other celebrities loving the Boho Chic style.

I have and will always had a soft spot for the Boho style but basically a more glammed up version of the basic boho style. I would say a little more Luxe. I can admit I am obsessed with floaty Maxi's, soft intricate paisley fabrics, earthy tones, floral, fringing and for the Samantha Wills collection 2 years ago featuring her Boho inspired collection including snakes, serpents, jewels, brass and gold chains,charms,cuffs and statement rings which I always seem to pull from my collection on a daily basis. Not to mention I love my collection of tan sandals, wedges, over sized sunnies, my angelic headband collection and my favourite lace and embroidery pieces. To be honest I don't like too much of the layering look, I like to think of my personal style with the Bohemian look is the super chic version of the bohemian trend " luxe look" .Not verging on the gypsy/ peasant over powering look. My top 3 Australian Label's that feature Boho luxe inspired collections would have to be Anu, Camilla and Fluerwood and accessories would hands down be the beautiful Samantha Wills.
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