Sunday, October 10, 2010

Perfect Birthday

As I am on my way to work on a very busy morning listening to the soothing melody of Micheal Buble. I am thinking of the next busy month ahead writing down the daily to do list and yes Spring racing carnival, workshops an exciting and full month ahead .... I stop and ponder.... This year has flown by and what a magic year we have had we are blessed. It is October already and only a few weeks away is my birthday and I close my eyes I cant believe its here once again. This time last year I would not think that we would be where we are today. I want something so simple this year, Something priceless, something far more valuable than money could buy. It is Quality time with the ones I truly love & this would be the perfect day to spend my birthday.

Wake up next to my husband
the first thing I see is his face, his
warm smile looking back at me

Followed by relaxing in the sun
letting it warm me up down into my core

Eating Cake and or eating my Mums famous lemon cheesecake
Everybody knows my mum makes the best cheesecake in the world

Followed by a home cooked dinner with my family,
every member of my family present at the table even Lucy, buster & Marley the families dogs

lots & lots of love & laughter
until my cheeks and tummy muscles hurt

Finished off with plenty of Snuggles and laughter with my Benny John Holder
Absolute Bliss
EH x

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Anonymous said...

Most people want gifts, chocolate, dress's and flowers but all you want is your family and husband. That is something special and very rare in this world. I hope you get your wish. I would like inform you that your blogg is one of the best and you Mrs Holder should be proud as I follow it close. Anna x