Monday, October 4, 2010

Future warrior

Military fashion may have been big for some time now... but guess what? It's evolving. Ancient warlords and kings have stormed the imagination of the fashion world, and elements of military history have been reinterpreted with a modern - often futuristic - twist. A little wilder, a little more fierce, the new military brings ancient civilisations and their warriors to life for this 2010 fashion trend. This fierce, sexy, powerful look is the next evolution of the military/tribal trend. Essentially it’s a mish mash of tribal elements and military detailing flash-forwarded to a futuristic age. It’s without question one of my top 10 trends to grace the runways this season. Because it's new it's fun it's different and it See's boundaries being stretched and pushed. It's Individual,Innovating.The designers and the creative directors should be proud. The Innovators of today !! Balmain, Sass & Bide and Balenciaga are just some of the labels to embrace Future Warrior. Versace’s take on the trend was much more romantic, contrasting harsh metallic breast-plate inspired detailing on the busts of dresses, with soft, flowing pastel fabrics.
EH x

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Is Forever New following this trend Mrs H xx