Thursday, May 30, 2013


If you are more into an effortless and natural look, you can easily go for a hippie hairstyle. Long, natural waves and colourful accessories are perfect if you want a bohemian and feminine appearance. Start by washing your hair and towel dry it until damp. Take thin locks and tightly wrap one around another. Secure them using a hairpins & spray. When your hair is dry, free the locks and use your fingers to separate them. Remember to always apply hairspray. Add a headband or an artificial flower in order to finish your look. Remember you can do the braids the night before or curl with a curling iron or your straightening tool. Add as much or as little volume & use headbands to neaten the look up..& most importantly have fun with it...

Enjoy & have some fun 
With Love EH xo

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