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This woman is always groomed from head to toe… literally tying every aspect of style into her ‘look’. She is different… she is understated yet exemplifies high fashion. Always fashion forward… always a step ahead. If you long to know what ‘look’ is in – Emma is the woman to follow.

Always styled to perfection… from her modern hairstyling… to the colour of her nail polish…she is flawless. Her accessorising totally compliments the lookshe is attempting to achieveMore so, she is radiant as her beautiful soul shines through.

How Emma styles others is also very unique. She has vision and purpose. Unafraid to ‘go outside the box’ yet sensitive to her clients needs. She styles alongside the person. She demonstrates what she believes will work best with you always checking along the way that you are comfortable. Her gentle personality is reassuring and helps guide you into your desired look.

Emma knows fashion! She keeps up with what’s new … yet respects the ‘classic’. Emma Holder emulates style! People gaze to her hoping she can assist them in achieving a look that will have them feeling fantastic and looking half as good as she does. She is passionate about her work and always striving to be the best in her field. If you have the privilege to be styled by this woman you will never forget Emma nor regret the time spent with her.

On a personal note Emma has one of the most beautiful hearts. She has the capacity to make you feel like you are something worth her time. She is kind, caring and truly empathic. She always gives you all of her attention when you are with her and you never fell brushed aside. Her inner beauty is what completes her style. As Tara Gradysaid ‘A person is only beautiful, when their own beauty, is reflecting on to others.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Emma for many years now. I have been in retail for over 20 years… I have worked in high end boutiques and owned my own designer boutique. I have worked with some amazing stylists but none with the passion, dedication, drive, or uniqueness like Emma. I have seen her work and been styled by her. It is an honour to give testimony to the amazing talented woman that she is. EMMA HOLDER… the name that will be on everybody’s lips! 

      HEIDI MARIE x 

That was a testimony I received a couple of years ago ( & found it while I was going through my emails) to put on my website..... & its ironic that exactly what she wrote I would dream of being that woman when I was young.... & its ironic again that what Heidi wrote about me I thought that about her..

 Have you ever wondered how people perceive you..???  What your character is being difined by...??? Someone if Integrity in everyday life..???

As Coco Chanel said "fashion fades & only style remains"... This quoted speaks to me not only by style but by life itself & how we can apply it in our day to day lives.... As Beauty fades, inner beauty does we treat others & conduct ourselves by our actions, body language, attitude in everyday life.... How would you want to be known as...??? 
It can be done with little things as this; my little sister Beth always had in her diary on each day to  "compliment somebody today" & imagine that if we spread love & not hate..? focused on others like we focus on ourselves....Or better still if we promoted what we love instead of bashing what we hated...???? 

Now after 2 year on & being a parent, I want to pass on to my daughter & baby #2 the morals & values that were instilled into me from day 1....! Because I want people to know that inner beauty & self value is of the top of my list...

top pic credit is to Liss & her camera....

How do you want to be known by...???

that was a little deep but Selah.....

With Love EH xo

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