Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Down to Earth

This is the Collaboration shoot with Jesse Land & Myself. Tash the beautiful model is so down to earth and such a genuine girl. Look how beautiful she is and how she is just herself and so comfortable. I loved this shoot. She is so unbelievably stunning and down to earth. She will be gracing magazine covers and fashion editorials before we know it.

Model: Natasha Aylward

Stylists: Jesse Land & Emma Holder

photographer: Emma Holder


Anonymous said...

Wow Emma Holder you are one talented & gifted woman. You create a style from hair to make up not only that but you style how she is standing the mood of the shoot you create a story in Fashion. We may be seeing you in the Magazines with your own editorials or even THE Fashion editor. And then to top it off you take the Photograph. Emma Holder you are a star. Well done. Sky x

Anonymous said...

Well done to you EH & Jesse it looks amazing ! Natasha is very beautiful & the shoot should be in vogue asap x sas

Anonymous said...

Absolutly sensational ! Look out Melbourne I say ! Melbourne is very blessed to have you as I have said before the GC feels the loss. Katie xoxox