Monday, July 26, 2010

Madelene French S/S collection 2010 behind the scenes

The Madelene French Shoot took place over the weekend & It was sensational. People who know me, Know that my motto is there is NO "I" in TEAM. And all the people in the bottom image are all the peolpe involved in the shoot! All gifted and talented beauties. Involved in making the shoot so wonderful were Linda Keating who has just found that she was born with a creative gift of capturing raw emotions and images. Praise god she has tuned into it now. She is so fantastic at it. Samantha Keating who you all know I love and adore she is a creative girl who not only designs her own range & is involved in the fashion industry but also has a passion for photography and is extremly good at it too, like mother like daughter!! Madelene French sitting with one of her trademark pieces on She just oozes creativity and style. Last but not least beautiful Tash whom everyone knows Is one of my beautiful friends whom I adore. She will be the next Miranda Kerr and I am going to make that happen ! But
really without Tash's charisma and beauty this shoot would not have been as successful as it is. That is me up next to Tash I just love being
a part of such an inspiring and talented project. You all Inspire me.
The top image is a sneak peak of the Madaline French Range I captured on Sunday with my canon. The rest range will available as of next week & I will keep you updated on the entire shoot.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutly beautiful EH ! You didn't write enough about yourself but that is what everyone loves and admires about you. You always praise & encourage everyone around you. But without your creative direction and your vision these shoots may not be as amazing as they are. Let me just say as much as you are inspired by these people they are inspired by you more than you know. Cindy x