Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fashion Illustration

These magic Images caught my eye a few years ago in Vogue Australia. I cut them out of the glossy mag's and stuck them on my mood boards and throughout my Inspiration books. They are beautiful and I love them all. Her name is Kelly Smith and she is a freelance Illustrator.
She has exhibited nationwide and her work has appeared in a number of Australian and International publications including: Vogue, Vice US & AU, Russh, Shop 'Til You Drop,Fallen, Cream, Yen, Pulp, and Monster Children.


Anonymous said...

You have a unique blog Emma. I love how you inform me on fashion, trends, photo shoots & the art to fashion. You inspire me and keep informed of your glamerous life . Also you must know you were a the most stunning bride I have seen ! Pippa xxxx

Anonymous said...

I agree Emma your blogg is fresh and the use of your own images is great and not just copied from vogue or russh. Your photography is outstanding. Well done on an outstanding job keep the posts coming.