Saturday, September 25, 2010

Light & bright

As seen on the catwalks of Luella and Christian Dior, this summer is all about the bright make-up.

For Luella, the eye shadow was heavily applied right up to the brow line, in vivid blues and pinks. This was in contrast to fellow designer, Dior, who defined a nude face with eye popping red and pink lips.

A word from the artist - The colour had to be built up over several layers to get it as bright as seen on the catwalks, so it was quite time consuming. When completed, the look really was striking, and definitely too bright for daytime. I would be tempted to wear for a night out but maybe not right up to my eyebrows!

EH x

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Anonymous said...

Love the make up.Where can I get a bright eye shadow that will stay on if I do this...?? x