Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Minimalist

Elegant, classic, sophisticated, Chic, Sleek = Minimalist

Less is more when it comes to the minimalist fashion trend. Minimalist fashion features unfussy, clean lines, simple streamlined silhouettes and tailoring, solid, monochromatic palette, shades of white, grey, tans, earthy shades and especially black.

One of my all time favorite styles is the minimalist. It is effortless, clean and classic. It gives an air of confidence and low maintenance. There is something so refreshing about this style and to see past and present fashionable woman moving towards this trend makes me very happy. For the "Less is more" look do not use heavy over powering makeup that is too bright use natural looking makeup soft and warm. With this look play up your hair by straightening it and finishing with a shine spray or a polished pony tail.

minimalist style is often the most difficult to copy, simply because the look is so effortless. There is hope, however. Audrey herself once claimed that the style is attainable. look to the images of the fashion icons for inspiration on the minimalist style. Gaia Repossi, Audrey Hepburn, Jenifer Aniston, Stella McCartney and most of the time chloe sevigny are perfect exampls.
EH x

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